RSH Consulting, Inc. is dedicated to helping clients strengthen their IBM z/OS mainframe cybersecurity by fully exploiting all the capabilities and latest innovations in RACF. Our combined backgrounds in security, systems programming, network engineering, application development, and auditing enable us to comprehend and address even the most complex technical and managerial security issues. Better still, we can communicate effectively with all stakeholders to successfully resolve these issues and gain management's support. All our professionals have over 25 years of experience in securing mainframe systems.


RSH Consulting, Inc. was established in 1992 as an independent, veteran-owned professional services firm specializing in IBM mainframe cybersecurity, audit, and control. We have conducted extensive security reviews, made significant improvements in controls, and provided basic and advanced training for RACF and to a lesser extent for Broadcom's CA Top Secret and CA ACF2.


We have delivered RACF professional services to a diverse set of over 150 clients across a wide spectrum of industries. In every case, we have successfully tailored our services to their unique requirements. The industry groups for whom we have done the most work include:


Payment Card Processors

Insurance Companies


Financial Services Firms


Healthcare Firms


Retail Firms


Clients rely on us for timely, practical, cost-effective solutions. It is no surprise that they turn to us repeatedly whenever they need further assistance.


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